Defective Tires and Blowout Wrecks

Defective Tires and Blowout Wrecks

While any number of products can become highly dangerous when manufactured in a negligent or defective manner, few pose the type of severe threat that comes when a faulty tire blows out in the middle of a bustling street or busy highway. Tire failures often lead to loss of control of the vehicle. Tire blowouts cause more than 10,000 “tow-away” crashes each year, according to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. A blowout can be caused by various factors, but defective tires are often to blame, especially in accidents involving 18 wheelers or SUVs.

Tread separations, a common cause of tire failures, occurring at even moderate speeds can result in catastrophic injuries. While tire failures can result from misuse, they are often the result of either defects in the design of the tire or by defects that arise during the manufacturing process. This can result from a manufacturer’s failure to follow proper quality control standards that could lead, for example, to oxidation of the cording of the tire and, potentially, a tire failure.

If you’ve been injured in an accident caused by a defective tire or tire blowout, you are well advised to seek the counsel of an experienced attorney to determine whether you may be entitled to compensation from a negligent tire maker. The Alabama defective tire attorneys at Allred & Allred, P.C. have more than four decades of combined experience representing clients throughout the state who were injured in tire blowout and other accidents. Contact our firm at 334.396.9200 or via our website for a consultation at no cost to you.

At Allred & Allred, we are dedicated to defending our clients’ rights, while aggressively seeking the maximum compensation to which they are entitled. We have handled a broad spectrum of product liability cases in our 40+ years of legal practice, from those involving defective tires and other vehicle defects to accidents related to defective children’s toys, household products and commercial equipment. We’ve also helped many clients recover damages for injuries suffered in car and truck accidents.

What truly sets us apart from other attorneys is our insurance defense background, having previously defended insurance companies and their insureds in accident claims. We know how to best approach a claim on behalf of our clients, whether it is with your insurer or that of another driver or responsible party. We have an intimate understanding of how insurers approach these claims and the strategies and tactics they rely on. As a result, we can prepare your case in a much more proactive manner and we can seek damages that less experienced lawyers may not know are available.

Among other victories, we recently helped obtain a nearly $130,000 recovery on an underinsured motorist claim for a client who suffered a herniated disc after his car was forced off the road and into a telephone pole and a $520,000 recovery for a client who suffered abdominal injuries in an accident with a drunk driver.

Working from our offices in Montgomery, our Alabama personal injury lawyers handle each and every aspect of a case from start to finish, dealing directly with clients. We understand how difficult coping with the aftermath of an accident can be and you can count on us to treat you with compassion and respect at all times.

Our attorneys are available to review and evaluate your case, whether it concerns an accident caused by a defective tire or blowout or any other personal injury matter. We will provide an honest and complete assessment of your case and explain how we can help you seek compensation for any injuries. Contact us to speak with one of our lawyers today.

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