Verdicts & Settlements

Our client was killed when a tractor-trailer turned in front of him. He was unable to stop his vehicle before sliding under the truck's trailer, causing his death. Our investigation into the driver's record revealed several D.O.T. out-of-service violations including operating his rig on a suspended license at the time of this wreck. Traces of marijuana metabolite were found in the truck driver's system during a post-accident drug test.

This wreck occurred when the defendant truck driver stopped his rig in the middle of a rural two-lane road at night in order to use his headlights to fill out his log book, as the dome light in his cab was inoperable. Our client did not discover the defendant's rig until it was too late to stop. She crashed into the rear-end of the truck's trailer at more than 40 miles per hour. As a result, she broke numerous bones in both legs which required numerous surgeries.

We represented an individual who was rendered a paraplegic when a bus on which he was traveling lost control and overturned. There was evidence that the driver of the bus informed his employer he was too tired to drive but he was ordered to do so anyway.

Our client was an invitee in a carpet warehouse which also served as a showroom when an LP operated forklift with no backup alarm backed into her, clipping her lower leg and causing a severe crush injury to her foot. Several surgeries were required to reconstruct and repair her foot and she suffered from Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome. The case was settled prior to trial for $845,000.

Our client suffered severe abdominal injuries requiring surgery when the vehicle in which she was a passenger was struck by a drunk driver. The drunk driver was prosecuted under the D.U.I. statute and had recently been involved in numerous wrecks. The drunk driver's liability insurer paid its policy limit of $120,000. The client's underinsured motorist carrier paid its policy limit of $400,000 prior to trial.

Our client, an independent truck driver, was struck from behind at a high rate of speed by another 18-wheeler owned by a major nationwide truck line while sitting at a stop light. Thankfully, our client suffered only soft tissue injuries but his rig sustained significant property damage. It was discovered that the defendant driver had a poor driving history and was not qualified to operate the rig under the D.O.T. rules. After a three day trial, the jury returned a verdict for $500,000. In the district where this case was tried, this was the largest verdict ever in a case where the plaintiff suffered soft- tissue injuries and no broken bones or other severe injuries.

We settled a case in which our clients were struck from behind by a drunk driver and pushed into an intersection. During pre-trial discovery, we obtained the “dash cam” video taken by the arresting officer which showed that the drunk driver was so intoxicated that he could not walk to the patrol car when the officer at the scene arrested him for D.U.I. Our clients, a husband and wife, were both injured in the wreck and one required neck surgery. The case was settled for a confidential amount in the high six figures.

We filed suit on behalf of a renovation contractor who had not been paid for a large portion of renovation conducted on structures to serve as temporary housing for Katrina evacuees. While the owner at first contended that all amounts due under the contract had been paid, the documents and depositions uncovered facts sufficient to support fraud-based claims and the case settled for $400,000 shortly thereafter.

We represented the operator of a motorcycle who was severely injured when his motorcycle became entangled in an electrical cable that had been inadvertently stretched across a rural road during utility line construction. The electric company failed to warn motorists of the presence of the gray colored line on the gray colored pavement. Our client was thrown from his bike and required multiple surgeries. His injuries were disabling and permanently prevented his return to active employment. The case was settled for a confidential amount in the high six figures prior to a lawsuit being filed.

We recently obtained a judgment on behalf the driver of a tractor-trailer who was rear-ended by a loaded dump truck traveling at high speed, while our client was stopped at a red light on U.S. Highway 231 in Pike County, Alabama. The impact resulting from the dump truck driver’s inattention was substantial. The 18 wheeler driven by our client, which was also loaded, was pushed into the vehicle in front of him, causing a second collision. The dump truck caught fire after the collision and was a total loss. Our client suffered from neck pain and headaches following the wreck and required neck surgery.

Sadly, our clients daughter was killed when the vehicle in which she was a passenger left the road and struck a tree in Macon County, Alabama. We filed a lawsuit against the driver of the vehicle in which she was a passenger and our client’s underinsured motorist carrier. The case was settled for the limits of all available coverage shortly thereafter.

After our clients' home was damaged by a tornado, their insurance company denied their claim. While the insurance company claimed that the home sustained cosmetic damages only, an engineer hired by our clients found that the house had sustained serious structural damage in the storm. The estimate to repair the structural damage exceeded what the insurance company would agree to pay by more than ten times. After five days of trial, a settlement of $200,000 was reached just before closing arguments.

An underinsured motorist forced our client off of the road, causing him to run into a telephone pole and sustain a herniated disc. The underinsured motorist left the scene of the wreck, but was found by the police shortly thereafter. Our client did not have surgery to correct the herniated disc. After settling with the defendant's liability insurer, the case was tried against our client's underinsured motorist carrier, who had offered only $12,500 to settle the case. After a three day trial, the jury returned a verdict for $127,500.

Our client, an out-of-state truck driver, was struck by a vehicle while walking down the side of the road to a diner. While he was treated and released from a local hospital, upon return to his home state, more thorough investigation revealed that he sustained both a torn rotator cuff and a herniated disk, both of which required surgery. The case was settled for $100,000, the limit of all available insurance policies providing coverage.

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Yes I recommend does a great job

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The best

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I absolutely love David and Craigslist [sic] Allred, very good attorneys and easy to work with. I would highly recommend

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This firm helped me (in 2009) collect a debt that was owed to me by an unscrupulous company that hired my company to perform a task, but failed to pay. Allred & Allred fulfilled my request with a very quick turnaround time, and top-notch service. I highly recommend hiring these lawyers, and trusting that they are not out to milk you for every second of their time. Thanks David!

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Good folks. If I need representation, they would be my choice.

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