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Road Design and Road Construction Defects

Car accidents happen all the time, but that doesn't make them any less serious, costly and potentially fatal. Even supposedly "minor" fender benders can result in serious head, neck and back injuries that may take months to heal. In addition to significant injury and property damage, a car wreck can also inflict much aggravation on the drivers involved by subjecting them to a long and complicated insurance claims process.

While car accident litigation typically focuses on the fault of the drivers to determine who was to blame (and is therefore legally responsible) for the crash, there are a number of third parties who may also be liable. Poor road design and construction defects, for example, are often the culprit in multi-car pileups and other wrecks. In these situations, the entity responsible for the design and construction flaws may very well be held liable for any injuries suffered in a resulting accident.

While single vehicle accidents are all too often the result of excessive speed or other driver error, investigation often reveals that the roadway was either a poor design or that the road builder failed to construct the road in accord with the engineer's design specifications. If a roadway is designed and constructed contrary to standards of the U.S. Department of Transportation's Federal Highway Administration or conflicts with standards of other recognized highway safety organizations, such as the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO), the victim could have a viable legal claim.

Allred & Allred is a full service Alabama law firm whose attorneys have more than four decades of experience representing clients injured in a broad spectrum of accidents from car and truck crashes to injuries sustained on the job. Contact our firm at 334.396.9200 or via our website for a consultation at no cost to you.

At Allred & Allred, our insurance defense background - representing insurance companies in car accident and other cases - sets us apart from other firms because we intimately understand how insurers look at claims and the tactics and strategies some of them often employ. This experience also gives us a full understanding of all of the parties that may be responsible in any given case. We pride ourselves on our ability to obtain compensation from sources where less experienced attorneys may not even know to look.

Road builders and designers are not the only outside parties who may be accountable for a car accident. Liability also extends to other entities whose negligence either lead to the accident or made it more severe. For example, a faulty equipment manufacturer whose seat belts, brakes or steering wheel played a role in an accident or the resulting injuries can be held liable as a result. Similarly, Alabama law also makes bar owners and party throwers accountable for a customer or guest who later drives drunk and causes a crash.

The Alabama car accident lawyers at Allred & Allred are so well respected that other firms in the state and nationwide regularly refer clients to us, citing our expertise and experience. Recent successes obtained for our clients include a $1.2 million recovery for a woman who was severely injured when she rear-ended an 18-wheeler stopped in middle of a rural two-lane road at night.

With offices in Montgomery, our Alabama injury attorneys are available to review and evaluate your case, including investigating potential road design and construction issues. We will make every effort to locate all available sources of compensation and fight aggressively to obtain the maximum recovery possible. Contact Allred & Allred today to discuss your case with a lawyer.

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