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Third Party Liability

One of the first steps in recovering damages for an accident-related injury is identifying the person or entity at fault. Sometimes this is simple. In other situations, however, the picture is less clear.

Take a car accident, for example. Driver A is injured when rear-ended by Driver B while stopped at a traffic light. Driver B may very well be liable for Driver A's injuries, not to mention any lost wages and other related damages. If the accident is caused or made worse by defective equipment - say, brake failure or faulty seatbelts - the equipment manufacturer may also be liable. Similarly, in a construction or other work-related accident, defective equipment or a coworker's mistake may be as much to blame for an injury as the company's negligence. In those situations, the injured person may be able to recover damages from responsible third parties.

In many cases, there is more than one liable party. It is important to identify all of the parties who may be liable for an accident in order to maximize the injured person's compensation. An experienced, competent attorney with a solid background in personal injury law is essential to this process.

If you or someone you know has been injured in an accident, the Alabama personal injury law firm of Allred & Allred, P.C. stands ready to investigate and pursue your claim. Our attorneys are well versed in third-party liability issues and well equipped to identify all of the parties that may be responsible for an accident or injury. We work diligently to see that every client receives 100 percent of the compensation allowable under the law and we pride ourselves on our ability to obtain compensation from sources where less experienced attorneys may not even know to look.

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At Allred & Allred, our personal injury lawyers closely examine every case to determine all responsible parties and hold them accountable for the harm that has come to our clients. We have more than 40 years of combined experience representing clients in a wide range of matters, from car and truck accidents to wrongful death and product liability claims. Our background in insurance defense means we fully understand all of the different parties that may be liable in a given accident case. It also sets us apart from other firms as we have extensive knowledge of how insurers approach cases, their tactics and strategies, and what to expect from them in negotiating and litigating a case.

With offices in Montgomery, our attorneys are available to review and evaluate your case, including identifying all possible sources of liability. Contact Allred & Allred today to discuss your third-party liability questions with a lawyer. We are not afraid to pursue your case where other attorneys might not want to go. We will take the time to locate every source of compensation available in your case and fight aggressively to obtain the maximum compensation amount possible.

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"This firm helped me (in 2009) collect a debt that was owed to me by an unscrupulous company that hired my company to perform a task, but failed to pay. Allred & Allred fulfilled my request with a very quick turnaround time, and top-notch service. I highly recommend hiring these lawyers, and trusting that they are not out to milk you for every second of their time. Thanks David!" Andrew Sengler
"I absolutely love David and Craigslist [sic] Allred, very good attorneys and easy to work with. I would highly recommend" Destiny Broaden
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